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Order Confirmations

You should receive an automatic order confirmation within minutes of placing your order. Please review the confirmation and notify us of any errors immediately. We are not responsible for incorrect information that has been supplied by the customer. Please review our RETURN POLICIES before placing your orders to avoid misunderstandings.

If you DO NOT receive an order confirmation, you may have entered an incorrect email address or your mailbox may have spam blockers or other setting that block mail. Please EMAIL US if you did not receive a confirmation and we will investigate. You may also call us at 727-442-6968 but we can provide more complete information via email.

Many e-mail service providers, including AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo!, have created spam filters to prevent unwanted messages from reaching your inbox. Unfortunately, these filters can also block e-mail messages you actually want to receive. To ensure continued receipt of our e-mails, you may want to add our e-mail address (teddygirl@aol.com) to your address book and reconfigure your spam filter, if you use one. If you do not receive an order or shipping confirmation email from us, it may be in a "blocked spam" folder in your email system. .