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Adding An Alternate Shipping Addresses to Your Credit Card

In some cases, shipping to a different address may require additional verification for security reasons.

If you want to ship to a different name or address, you must add it to your credit card account for merchant verification.

1) Contact your credit card's customer service dept (their contact information should be located on the back of your credit card (or located on your monthly statement).

2) Tell the representative that you wish to add an "Alternate Shipping Address" to your account for an internet order to be delivered to a different shipping address.

IMPORTANT: Adding the alternate shipping address will not change the billing address. You will still receive your bills at the "billing" address.

If your credit card does not allow shipping to a different address, or if they will not verify alternates for merchants, we can only ship to the verified billing address according to their regulations.

Address Verification procedures have been established for ALL "card not present" transactions to protect the consumer. If you prefer to shop with merchants who do not follow verification procedures and make it easier for fraudsters to use your hijack your card to ship lots of great stuff to themselves, we encourage you to shop there and take your chances. We prefer to treat your credit card with the highest level of security.

If we cannot verify your order billing or shipping address, the order may be cancelled without further notice from TeddyGirl.com since we disclose these policies clearly on our order form and follow up email to the customer.

If you do not receive a shipping confirmation on the next business day, or if you think you may have provided incorrect information, it is the customer's responsibility to contact us regarding status. Unfortunately, we can no longer devote several hours a day solving customer credit card issues -- if you don't know your address or where your card bills, please call your card issuer before ordering.

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