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Lingerie for Men, including Men's Crotchless Underwear, Men's Exotic Underwear, Men's G-Strings & Backless Pouches, Men's Thongs, Bikini Underwear for Men, Sexy Short Shorts, Men's Funny Underwear and more. Don't miss our Plus Size Men's Lingerie section for the Big Boys for styles with more generous sizing.

Men's Bikini Underwear
Men's Crotchless Underwear
Men's Exotic Underwear

Bikini Underwear for Men

Men's bikini underwear in a variety of styles. Men's Sheer bikini underwear, lace bikini underwear for men, fishnet men's bikinis and more. Sexy easy access styles including men's crotchless bikini underwear, men's tear-off stripper style underwear or men's open rear bikinis. Men's bikini novelty underwear include Mr Dick Nose, Trouser Snakes, Open Lips Bikini & other amusing styles to get a laugh in the bedroom for all the right reasons.

Crotchless Underwear for Men

Shop for Men's Crotchless Underwear & Crotchless Lingerie for Men including Crotchless Bikini Underwear, Men's Crotchless G-Strings & Open Front Jock Straps, Men's crotchless shorts with open rears. Men's Crotchless undies in lace, fishnet and other unique fabrics. Fetish themed crotchless lingerie and a variety of amusing open crotch novelty underwear for laughs. Why not crotchless panties for men?

Exotic & BDSM Fetish
Lingerie for Men

Men's Exotic underwear and exotic men's lingerie selections. Shop sexy Lingerie for Men with Maximum Exposure!, Men's Crotchless underwear, backless underwear for a great rear view, tantalizing tear off bikinis and tear off thongs, BDSM fetish lingerie for men, leather g-strings, men's harnesses and playsuits, all kinds of exotic men's underwear.

Men's G-Strings & Pouches
Men's Shorts & Boxers
Men's Thongs

G-Strings for Men

Men's G-Strings, Men's Posing Pouches, Men's Backless Pouches, Jock Straps & Novelty string back underwear for men. A daring selection of G-String underwear for men, Super Sock & Power Sock backless Pouches when all you need is the bare minimum! We offer a variety of fabrics in solid, see thru sheers or prints, genuine leather or faux-leather fetish men's g-strings.

Shorts & Boxers for Men

Men's boxer shorts, men's boxer briefs, men's crotchless shorts, men's open rear shorts, enhancer pouch shorts, sexy shorts for the guys. Our men's shorts lingerie collection features sexy see thru or airy fishnet undershorts, men's lace shorts with open crotch or closed pouch front, studded faux leather and other striking combinations.

Thong Underwear for Men

Men's thong underwear for cheeky rear views. Find a variety of men's thong underwear styles, including sexy see through men's thongs for easy viewing, tear-off men's thongs for quick escapes, lace men's thongs for your feminine side, crotchless thongs for those who dare to bare, Male Power Bong Thongs in a variety of fabrics & prints.

Men's Novelty Underwear
Novelty Underwear Gag Gifts
His & Hers Lingerie

Men's Novelty Underwear

Amusing Novelty Underwear puts fun in your pants, Men's funny undies include Elephant G-String with trunk room, Trouser Snake undies with tube front. Tear Off Underwear, Tuxedo Thongs, Tuxedo Shorts & Tuxedo Costumes, Crotchless novelty underwear for men. Women love a man with a great sense of humor and Men's Funny Undies are great way to get a laugh in the bedroom for the right reasons.

Novelty Underwear
Boxed Gag Gifts

Men's funny underwear with amusing gag gift boxes Elephant G-String with trunk room, Trouser Snake undies with tube front. Tear Off Underwear, Tuxedo Thongs,Tuxedo Shorts, Crotchless novelty underwear for men. Women love a man with a great sense of humor and Men's Funny Undies are great way to get a laugh in the bedroom for the right reasons.

His & Hers Lingerie Coordinates

His & Hers Lingerie styles. A selection of couples lingerie that offers a men's lingerie style to coordinate with women's or plus size women's lingerie. Great for your favorite swingers or as bridal gifts to make them blush and send them off on their honeymoon in style.

Andrew Christian Underwear
Men's Lingerie Clearance

Andrew Christian Men's Underwear

A selection of Andrew Christian men's underwear styles guys who like to show off their assets in style. We've started off with small collection but show your love and we'll introduce more.

Sale & Clearance Lingerie for Men

Lingerie for Men at Great Savings! You'll find men's thongs, men's bikini underwear and men's shorts at reduced prices, but quantities are very limited since these items will not be available in the future.

For bare minimum coverage, check out Men's G-strings & Backless Pouches and find a great selection of teeny little g-strings in a variety of fabrics, men's pouches with no rear strings attached (considered a backless pouch). The Men's Crotchless Underwear department features open crotch easy access lingerie for men who dare to bare. If you like a brief style or a cheeky rear view, visit the Men's Thongs or Men's Bikini Undies sections. More exciting styles are available in our Men's Exotic Underwear & Lingerie area, including studded BDSM men's underwear styles. You'll also find unique collection of Men's Shorts that stand out from your standard boxer briefs with exciting designs and tempting fabrics. For a good laugh, tour our amusing Novelty Mens Underwear & Novelty G-Strings for Men or men's funny underwear in Gag Gift Box with amusing graphics and sayings. Find closeout Men's Lingerie bargains in our Men's Lingerie Clearance section

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