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Money Order Payments

We will accept money orders via mail if you do not have a credit card or do not want to purchase online. We do not take checks. We only accept orders from the USA - NO international orders or shipping available.

Please note that we will ONLY accept US Postal Service Money Order payments since they're validated and paid at the post office, no bank delays.. We no longer take other money orders after being burned .... it took many years but there are many other options available these days that money orders are fairly obsolete.

The biggest problem with mail orders is that an item may be out of stock by the time we receive your order. We update our website constantly and availability can change within minutes. Since mail orders take time to arrive and be processed, we may not have what you want.

For this reason, we ask that you be sure to PROVIDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS in case there are any problems processing your order. If we have any questions or problems with the order and can't reach you by email, your payment will be returned.

Please include all item information, including item number, size/color if required, and quantity. Also, please be sure to include appropriate shipping and handling based on the merchandise total using our Standard/Express Service Shipping Rates Chart. You can also fill your shopping cart online as an "order form" and then print the order instead of submitting online.

Sales Tax should be added to orders shipping to the STATE OF FLORIDA only at your appropriate county sales tax rate.

Mail your payment to........


*If you're shy and don't want to write "Lingerie" on the envelope, you can use our D/B/A of "TGL Inc" instead of "Teddy Girl Lingerie".

Our packages ship in standard Priority Mail packaging with a return address label of TGL Inc. for the sake of discretion. We do not have a online confirmation system for mail order, but feel free to contact us via email to check on receipt of payment or order status.

If you have any other questions regarding money order mail purchases, please EMAIL US

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