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Customer Contact Method ... We Prefer Discreet Email

If you enter an incorrect email address, you will not receive an order confirmation or status/shipping updates and we will have no way to contact you. It's not really a problem for us, we just won't be able to contact you if there's any problem with your order.

All contact from us will be via email so it's to your benefit to provide a CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS that you check regularly. If we have any questions about your order or credit card processing, we'll contact you as soon as possible via your email address. We generally do NOT call our customers without their expressed permission due to our discreet order processing policies.

If you're afraid to provide your email because of spam, be assured that we do NOT send a barrage of email! We hate spam and email boxes full of junk mail as much as you do, so our contact will be minimal. We will NEVER send unsolicited SNAIL MAIL mail to your billing or shipping address either.

Please review our Privacy Policy....we strongly believe in protecting our customers privacy and will not sell, share or use your order information for any purpose except to process an order.

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