Billing Address & Shipping Verification for Security

We MUST have your correct BILL TO address for verification by your credit card company. This is the address where they send your monthly statement or the address you have on file with the issuer if you do not receive paper statements. If any of the information is incorrect, it will delay your order. Visa, Mastercard & Discover require Billing Address Verification for the security of your account.

If you wish to have your order shipped to an address that is different from your Credit Card Billing Address and we feel there is a security risk, we may ask that you add it to your credit card account before the order is processed:

1) Please contact your credit card issuer at their customer service dept (phone numbers located on the back of your card or on your monthly statement).

2) Let them know that you would like to add an authorized alternate shipping address to your account. The information will remain on file for future orders. If you card will not allow** you to add 2nd address, it is beyond our control.

We will contact you via email if there are any problems with address verification. Please understand that this is an internet credit card processing regulation to insure online security and is required by all credit card issuers.

Not all online merchants follow the regulations, but as a 100% secure shopping site, we comply with all Internet "card not present" anti-fraud procedures. We hear time and again that "other companies didn't require this" but those other companies are not following security regulations that are required by all credit card issuers. Wouldn't you like to know your personal information is being treated with the utmost security and respect? You can be assured that when you shop at TeddyGirl.com we will diligently protect all credit card accounts rather than disregarding fraud prevention procedures in order to make a quick buck online.

** Many credit cards only allow shipping to the verified billing address for cardholder security; every issuer has their own policies. If your card issuer only allows one address on the account, we cannot ship to a different address. Many debit cards do not allow an alternate since they are considered "cash cards". Unfortunately, we will not know your issuer's policy until we contact them.

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